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TULF offers International Solidarity with Bus Drivers of Arriva-Moravia Company & trade unionists of Transport Company of Ostrava City (DPO).

Trade Union Left Forum offers it’s Solidarity & Support to the bus drivers of Arriva-Moravia Company, who went on strike this week December 19, 2020. We consider their demands fully legitimate and right. We agree with their trade unionists’ saying that the employer’s proposals make worse their both working and wage conditions. We fully agree with the fully logical and rightful claim that working hours to increase, moreover, to be coupled with the wage cuts, is totally unacceptable for the employees. We consider unacceptable, too, the Arriva-Moravia Company to transfer its economic losses onto its employees’ shoulders by both working […]

Student nurses and midwives: “guarded” engagement with independent review

Press release 16.12.20 Student nurses and midwives have decided that they will engage with government-proposed, independently verified reviews of their remuneration and conditions. The reviews – details of which were finalised this morning – were offered by the Minister for Health in response to an ongoing campaign. There are two reviews proposed. The first review will focus on the immediate short term. It will report back to the Minister for Health in December, for implementation in January. The second will look at longer-term issues beyond the pandemic. It will be held in January and February, with a view to implementation […]

Dying from overwork: Strain on South Korea’s delivery workers gets too much

Nine couriers have died this year as Covid demands and poor protections take their toll At a logistics depot the size of an aeroplane hangar in southern Seoul, couriers recently held a ritual at the start of another gruelling work day: They stood for a moment of silence to remember more than a dozen fellow couriers who they say died this year from overwork. “We won’t be surprised here if one of us drops dead, too,” said Choi Ji-na, one of the couriers. Choi (43) and other delivery workers in South Korea say that they feel lucky to have jobs amid growing unemployment, […]

International. Colombia: Global Education Union condemns threats, harassment, and killings of unionists

The Executive Board of Education International has adopted a resolution condemning the human rights violations in Colombia that have led to thousands of deaths of trade unionists. The decade-long attacks on human rights and the lives of more than a thousand unionists and social activists were at the core of a resolution adopted today, 9 December, by the Executive Board of Education International, which is meeting for the 56th time. Read More The attempts of groups controlling power in Colombia to wipe out social organisation and mobilisation, quell protests, and suppress the right to organise and proclaim the validity of the public education system has led to […]

Unions make significant breakthrough on pay justice claim for Section 39 workers

SIPTU representatives have today (Thursday, 10th December) confirmed that unions have made a significant breakthrough on pay restoration for members in 250 State-funded voluntary health and social service providers. The positive development for workers in these Section 39 employments follows a conciliation conference held under the auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). SIPTU Divisional Organiser, Adrian Kane, said: “This interim settlement is well overdue but it delivers money into the pockets of our members’ pockets from next month and that is critically important. The issue of parity of treatment with colleagues in the larger section 39 employments hasn’t gone […]

Survey suggests 82% of people consider housing to be a ‘human right’

Housing in Ireland needs to be viewed as a right and not a commodity, according to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. A national survey carried out by the IHREC suggested that 82% of people in Ireland consider housing to be a basic human right. The survey was carried out to mark Human Rights Day which is celebrated on 10 December annually. On this day in 1948, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration consists of 30 articles detailing an individual’s “basic rights and fundamental freedoms” and is considered a foundational text in the history of human […]

Financial Services Union calls on Minister Donohoe to raise Ulster Bank vulture fund issue with UK chancellor

Financial Services Union calls on Minister Donohoe to raise Ulster Bank vulture fund issue with UK chancellor Issued : 4 December 2020 Call receives support from figures across the political spectrum The time has come for Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe to raise concerns about the potential sale of the Ulster Bank loan book to a vulture fund with the UK chancellor. That’s according to general secretary of the Financial Services Union, John O’Connell. Speculation on the future of Ulster Bank has led to media reports that NatWest, parent company of Ulster Bank, is in discussion with Cerberus to buy […]

CSO data underlines case for stimulus measures

Fórsa said new CSO figures published today (Friday) demonstrate the need for Government to continue to stimulate the economy through income supports, business supports and investment in  public services and infrastructure. The CSO data  shows that domestic demand soared when Covid-19 restrictions were eased in the third quarter of 2020. The country’s biggest public service union said the figures underlined the need for Government to reject austerity in its approach to public finances, and instead give people – particularly those on low incomes – the hope and confidence that will help the economy bounce back when the Covid situation stabilises. […]

International News: WFTU solidarity statement with the farmers’ struggle in India

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 105 million workers who live, work and struggle in 130 countries of the 5 continents, congratulates the awe-inspiring strike that shacked  India with the participation of 25 crore workers, farmers, and employees of all sectors. India’s trade union movement emphatically and strongly condemned the anti-worker, anti-people and anti-national policies of the Modi government. The WFTU joins its voices with the trade union movement in India and stands by the side of farmers’ unions which are in stay-in protests in the four borders of Delhi, continuing their united struggle for the scrapping […]