NCBI and Delta Care workers strike for pay restoration

Fórsa members employed by the National Council of the Blind in Ireland (MCBI) and Delta services CLG in Carlow are taking part on a one-day strike today (Friday 21st February) marking the latest phase of the union’s campaign for pay justice in independent organisations that rely on State funding to deliver vital health and care services. Both employments are ‘Section 39’ agencies, under which community and voluntary sector organisations are funded to deliver care and other services by the HSE. Members of SIPTU in other Section 39 agencies are also on strike today (Friday). While these workers are not public […]

International News: Greek National Strike

Greece National Strike on February 18 TULF offers its International Solidarity with our comrades in Greece today who demostrated in over sixty cities throughout Greece. Watch Our comrades in action today   Demonstrations In More Than 60 Cities Hundreds of trade unions of Greece, Federations and Regional Trade Unions have responded to the call of PAME for a National Strike On 18 February against the antiworkers bill of the Greek Government on Social Security and Pensions. In contrast the General Confederation of Greece (GSEE), member of ETUC, is acting as strikebreaker and denied participation to the strike. The struggle of […]

Last ditch talks to avert strike action at Allied Bakeries break down after pathetic management pay offer rejected by workers

Last ditch talks to avert strike action at Allied Bakeries break down after pathetic management pay offer rejected by workers Posted on February 14, 2020 by Unite the union NI All-out strike action by workforce confirmed to commence at Allied Bakeries in Belfast from 6am on Sunday [February 16th] Strike action will cripple production and supply of pancakes across UK ahead of Pancake Tuesday Sean McKeever, Regional Officer blasted as ‘pathetic’ the offer made by Allied Bakeries’ negotiators after direct pay talks broke down and confirmed that his members were now preparing for an all-out strike for a fair pay increase to commence from […]

Pension’s Lie and Dammed Lies

Very interesting and informative article from the Socialist Voice The establishment keep repeating the mantra that in twenty years’ time there will be far fewer people working than there are now, and more people in retirement. This has now become the accepted narrative of the mainstream media. And it is a lie. This lie has been repeated so often it has now become fact and the common belief. But quite the opposite is true: the work force in the Republic today is in excess of 2.3 million, which is substantially higher than thirty years ago, when in the 1980s there […]

Vote for Radical Change!

With a week to go before Ireland goes to the poll booths, Mandate is delivering a stark election warning to all voters. Successive Fine Gael and Fine Fail led governments have created an unprecedented  housing crisis, a health care crisis and instilled widespread fear regarding pension age increases and continuing threats to reintroduce water charges and deny the people a referendum on public ownership of our water. Check out Mandate’s General Election 2020 fact sheet on why you should vote for change in General Election 2020. Mandate has focussed on four key issues for our members: Housing; Health; Pension Age […]

Take the profit motivation out of children’s welfare

The Trade Union Left Forum (TULF) supports the protests by childcare workers today, who struggle on minuscule wages doing what is an essential public service. This is against the backdrop of disgraceful practices from employers within the sector, who value profits over the welfare of children and their staff. Currently, more than 60% of educators earn less than the Living Wage of €12.30 per hour and parents are paying some of the highest fees in Europe. Due to low pay and poor working conditions, the average staff turnover is 23% per year. The company that owns Giraffe Childcare, one of […]

‘We’ve been patient for long enough’ – Watch TUI members discuss their experiences of pay discrimination

Enough is Enough. Why we are taking strike action ?

Irish Participation in PESCO – the European defence co-operation entity

29 Jan 2020 Congress has written to political party leaders expressing concern at Irish Participation in PESCO, the European defence co-operation entity Dear Party Leader, At our Biennial Delegate Conference in July 2019, in line with the proud and consistent record of support by the Trade Union movement for Irish neutrality, we noted with dismay the decision by the Government to participate in Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), seen by many as a precursor to an EU army. The pace of development of EU militarisation and Ireland’s involvement has accelerated in recent times and Ireland has committed troops to a German […]

Congress Backs Feb 1 Protest by Bord na Móna Workers

  30 Jan 2020 The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has backed a protest march to be held by Bord na Móna workers in Shannonbridge, County Offaly on Saturday, February 1. The rally and march have been organised by Bord na Móna workers and pensioners in protest at the failure to deliver a Just Transition for the affected workers and communities, across the Midlands. The initiative enjoys widespread support among local communities and energy sector workers in the region. Speaking ahead of the February 1 demonstration in Shannonbridge, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said the failure to implement a fair and Just Transition had created fear and anxiety […]

Unite to ballot membership working in Hovis on significantly improved pay offer

Unite to ballot membership working in Hovis on significantly improved pay offer Posted on January 22, 2020 by Unite the union NI Shop stewards suspend pending all-out strike action planned to commence Friday after company makes new offer Sean McKeever, Unite Regional Officer, confirmed that his union would be balloting members on a fresh pay offer made by the company’s management in the face of all-out strike action. “Strike action is always a last resort for workers and our union. Unfortunately we were left with no alternative but to proceed with plans for all-out strike action as a result of the […]