Six Counties Strikes Today

Solidarity with all workers on strike today in the Six Counties. There are not two communities in the North there are two classes one divided by the other to stay in power

We have one common enemy CAPITALISM North and South.

Speaking today NIPSA General Secretary said::It is a myth to think there is no money for workers, according to General Secretary of NIPSA Carmel Gates.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Ms Gates said payments to a number of key youth services, including the extended schools scheme and holiday hunger payments, are being cut.

Economic sanctions are being imposed on political parties in Northern Ireland, Ms Gates said, but it is the ordinary working family that is suffering.

“The Tories don’t even argue there’s no money anymore because there’s enough money for all their pet projects.

“There’s enough money for contracts for their friends and big business.

“The only people that there aren’t enough money for are workers, ordinary working people.”

NIPSA members are calling for a minimum pay increase of inflation plus 5%, Ms Gates said.

“Members have lost around 20% over the last ten years.”