PAME Union Activists in Greece

The TULF send our solidarity and best wishes to the 35 PAME union activists in Greece who were found innocent on December 20th having been arrested and tried for disturbing the peace and public services during a union strike last January 2013.

Their lawyer summed up the reason for their arrest “it was very clear that the trial had political characteristics and features in order to strike against the workers who are really resisting.”

And as one of the 35, and executive committee members of PAME, said:

“We have serious fronts of struggle ahead of us. The fronts of health, collective bargaining agreements, the unemployed. We must struggle for these demands, intervene against the government, so that the people can live. We must support the unemployed. Our right to work concerns everyone. And, chiefly all these things we are struggling for concern the younger generation, our children. We have a major obligation towards them. Forwards with strength, with militancy so that we can struggle in the battles to come. And as the song says, which we repeat: “don’t expect us to bend even for one moment.”