Greek workers prepare for Feb 4th General Strike

Occupations, protests and rallies are happening in Greece in build up to a national strike on Feb 4th called by a number of Unions and supported by the class conscious and militant PAME (All Workers Militant Front). PAME have and will continue to organise actions and events in advance of the strike.

A major demonstration took place yesterday in Athens in advance of the strike which has been called against what is known in Greece as the ‘Butcher Bill’ which is a pension and social security reform bill being brought by the SYRIZA Government which unions argue is a plunder of workers pensions. Both public and private sector Unions are opposing SYRIZA’s attack on peoples social security and pensions and it is expected that close to 2 million workers will participate in the strike, the first national strike of 2016.

Many workers see this as an attack on the rights they fought hard to protect, through many militant strikes, from previous Governments and now SYRIZA is going further than previous conservative Governments in its assault on workers.

As well as this strike action, farmers intend to block roads and highways in opposition and even lawyers, doctors and engineers groups have expressed their opposition to these so-called reforms.

Workers in Greece continue to lead the struggle in Europe against austerity and and the transfer of debt onto workers shoulders. The TULF supports these workers and farmers on strike and fighting back.