Long Live Socialism . Long Live Cuba.

A welcome article from the President of Cuba. My thanks to Monthly Review.   It is my responsibility to close the Ninth Legislature’s Seventh Ordinary Period of Sessions and, at the same time, I come before you, the highest representation of our people, to comply with a legal mandate: to render accounts and report on my administration as president of the republic. I will do so by sharing some assessments of the situation we have faced in this period, the issues on which we have focused our work, and the issues toward which we must direct our principal efforts. I […]

Safe workplaces and remote working a priority – ICTU

Speaking after the meeting of the Covid-19 Stakeholder Forum, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions general secretary Patricia King said: “Following the lifting of the majority of public health restrictions on Friday, the Forum met today to discuss a number of issues to ensure people can be confident that workplaces are safe for staff and the public.  The Forum noted that notwithstanding the changes to public health advice the pandemic is not over.  It was agreed that the Work Safely Protocol will now be updated to provide ‘good guidance’ to employers and workers to maintain safe workplaces. The Health and […]

Abolish the 1990 Industrial Relations Act: Do something Now. What you can do!

What can YOU do to pressurise union leadership to start the campaign for the restoration of workers rights taken away by the 1990 Industrial Relations Act?  Email the general secretary of your union, the Ictu and your local trades Council. All Ictu Unions & trades councils are now calling for the restoration of all rights lost as a result of the 1990 industrial relations act.  Can’t hear them?  Ask them why not?    Here is a template you can use or draft your own:   Dear [insert General Secretary/National Exec name],   ​​I am contacting you as [insert your trade […]

Where to now for union organising and bargaining?

This article will update readers on a couple of interesting and important developments for unionised workers in both the South and the North of Ireland. Two position papers have been published in the last couple of months on union recognition, collective bargaining, and the right to organise, and one piece of important legislation has been brought forward in the Northern Ireland Assembly. As readers will know, the Government in the South has instituted a high-level working group to review collective bargaining (including the ICTU) which will specifically look at the question of union recognition as well as wage-setting mechanisms. While […]

Let’s stop needless bureaucracy for bereaved families

When a loved one dies and after they are laid to rest, attention has to turn to get their affairs in order. This is no small task for grieving families.  For some, this will include starting the probate process, notifying insurance companies and financial institutions, cancelling utilities and subscriptions, closing social media and email accounts. For all, it will require contacting multiple government departments and official agencies to cancel benefits, entitlements, and public services.  During this extraordinarily difficult time, a bereaved relative is required to telephone, write or attend each relevant section within each public body to notify them of […]

Trade unionists tell Denis O’Brien to pay UK workers the rate for the job

It’s a story straight out of A Christmas Carol Union activists dressed as Scrooge characters will shortly be calling on the controversial billionaire Denis O’Brien to protest against the poor treatment of UK construction workers employed by his construction company. Denis O’Brien is the second richest man in Ireland. He is also the majority shareholder of Actavo, which was called Siteserv up until 2015. It carries out work at British Steel in Scunthorpe (UK) where scaffolders are being paid up to 15% below the agreed national rate. The Actavo (UK) workers have been on continuous strike for 9 weeks. Unite […]

He who pays the piper!

He who pays the piper …….! The EU has pledged money for the development of a “European newsroom” bringing together sixteen news agencies in a hub where news correspondents can work together on EU affairs. Under the coordination of German agency dpa, news agencies such as AFP (France) & ANSA (Italy) are participating. The consortium will launch in January and the integrated newsroom is expected to begin work next summer. The aim is to encourage cooperation at the EU level & news about the EU in several languages. The project was selected following a €1.76 million open call for proposals. […]

Programme for Disability Webinar 9 December 2021 December 08, 2021

The Annual Congress Disability Webinar will focus on workplace issues for people with disabilities and look at the policy context and the government support framework for disabled workers and employers across the island.    See this link for the PDF publication.

The WFTU on the International Day Of Persons with Disabilities, December 3rd 2021

Today more than one billion people, or approximately 15 percent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability, while 80 percent of them live in developing countries. We can all understand how difficult life for those persons and their families is, since in most cases they cannot find a job, or in heavy cases they cannot even take care of themselves. In developing countries, 80% to 90% of persons with disabilities of working age are unemployed, whereas in industrialized countries the figure is between 50% and 70%. Also, globally, a large percentage of those persons are disabled because of […]

Rush to introduce face masks in schools is counterproductive

Fórsa said today that it supports the use of face masks in schools, but said the Government’s rush to implement the practice will make it difficult to achieve. The union added that its school-based members – special needs assistants (SNAs), school secretaries, and caretakers – should not be asked to exclude students for refusing to wear a mask, as this is the responsibility of school principals and senior teachers. Fórsa’s head of education, Andy Pike, also welcomed the fact that education department guidelines exempt children with special educational needs from the requirement to wear masks if it would cause difficulties […]