Workers north and south are being sacrificed for beef barons’ profits

A member of Unite the Union working at Moy Park Dungannon sadly passed away this week after contracting Covid-19.    Workers in the Dungannon and Portadown plants are isolating at home in fear of their own safety that of their families.   Moy Park will not facilitate testing of staff.   A similar story has unfolded in meat processing plants in the twenty-six counties, where SIPTU has reported over 600 confirmed cases among workers who are badly paid and forced to flout social distancing guidelines during shifts.  

The agrifood industries in both parts of Ireland are closely connected – many workers cross the border every day when commuting to, and as part of, their work.   The only solution is to have one single set of measures for easing restrictions in Ireland.  Workers’ safety north and south must be the priority – not the profits of beef barons or any other agrifood monopolies.   

Workers need a union to fight their corner and protect their lives – they cannot rely on government ministers, who only serve the interests of capital.  

No going back to normal – we need one all-Ireland public health service NOW.