TTIP 2015 Updated Booklet

This updated booklet from John Hillary of War on Want is an excellent analysis and exposition of TTIP and the affect it will have on jobs, workers, the environment, regulations and much more.

TTIP booklet 2015 update

The booklet covers topics like:

  • transparency and lack of democracy
  • jobs and employment
  • deregulation
  • privatisation
  • investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms (ISDS)
  • food safety
  • environmental impact

Well worth reading in advance of #GE16 so you can challenge candidates on the door and at the supermarket as they canvas you for their vote.

But don’t just read it get involved:

1 – write to your Union and ask them have they taken a position on TTIP

2 – write to the Congress of Unions and ask them to resource an anti-TTIP campaign

3 – make TTIP an election issue at the door by asking candidates their position and clearly telling them you will only vote for those who are opposed to TTIP and will work to stop it