Tribute to Bob Crow

Bob Crow

The Trade Union Left Forum is saddened by the death of Bob Crow, and wishes to express its condolences to his family, and to the members of the RMT and workers more generally, which he led with such ability, courage and dedication.

He showed clear principled leadership to his members, defending and advancing there interests and that of our class. Under his leadership, membership of the RMT increased by more than 20,000 embracing workers ranging from seafarers and rail staff to cleaners.

He was admired by large sections of the British working class. Bob stood out among trade union leaders for his commitment to working class principles and his opposition to class collaboration (social partnership). He was class conscious political trade unionism, for advancing the power of the working class for the achievement of a better society.

He believed in resisting the anti-working class austerity policies of the British Government, whether Labour or Conservative.  He and his union showed that this resistance is indeed possible and must be the basis upon which the movement rebuilds itself.

He and his union maintained a position of complete opposition to the European Union and what it stands for – profits for monopolies at our expense – with the RMT currently sponsoring socialist candidates in the forthcoming elections to the “European Parliament.”

He was extremely knowledgeable about Ireland and the struggles of the Irish working class.   He and his union were strong supporters of the Peoples’ Movement in its opposition to the Lisbon Treaty. He was passionate in his defence of socialism and sovereignty in Cuba and Venezuela and his promotion of human rights in Palestine. Bob Crow was credit and tribute to his family and our class and will be sorely missed. The best tribute we can pay to the memory of Bob is to continue to push for class orientated and politicised trade unions.