Trade Union Left Forum sends our support to PAME in Greece- National General Strike 6th April

The class unions are in the workplaces and the streets transferring till the last moment the call for the success of the General Strike of April 6.

The class unions demand

No involvement-no participation of our country in the imperialist war!

All in the fight against inflation and taxation

For the defense of the working-class income

For collective agreements with substantial increases in salaries

The resumption of the collective bargaining of the National collective Contract as a starting point for the increase of the minimum wage, claiming 825 € minimum gross salary

The restoration of conquests and rights such as the beginning of a more favorable contract, the Sunday holiday, the payment of overtime, the 13th and 14th salary in the public sector, etc.

The general reduction of working time, with 7 hours – 5 days – 35 hours per week and stable work with rights.

Abolition of VAT on consumer goods.

Abolition of ENFIA-House tax and big reduction of municipal fees for workers’ households.

Reduction of the price of electricity and gas by 50% and abolition of taxes on fuel and energy in general.

Debt relief, not in foreclosures and auctions for workers and poor households.

Recruitment of staff with stable jobs and rights in health, welfare, education, local government and civil protection.

Strike rallies are to take place in more than 60 cities all over Greece.