Take the profit motivation out of children’s welfare

The Trade Union Left Forum (TULF) supports the protests by childcare workers today, who struggle on minuscule wages doing what is an essential public service. This is against the backdrop of disgraceful practices from employers within the sector, who value profits over the welfare of children and their staff. 

Currently, more than 60% of educators earn less than the Living Wage of €12.30 per hour and parents are paying some of the highest fees in Europe. Due to low pay and poor working conditions, the average staff turnover is 23% per year.

The company that owns Giraffe Childcare, one of Ireland's largest chains, posted operating profits of €6.2m in 2017, while paying their workers minimum wage. It's clear that the childcare system in this country is fundamentally structured to suit the owners who supply childcare, producing huge profits for business owners while workers and parents pick up the tab. 
The TULF supports all efforts of childcare workers to organise and get proper recognition for the vital work that they do. The only solution to end the exploitation of staff, children and parents by these profiteering companies, is the provision of community or municipally provided child care, funded by the state. Take the profit motivation out of children's welfare.