Striking is not a Crime- What is the Industrial Relations Act

What is the 1990 industrial relations act?

Debenhams workers have been charged for alleged breaches to the 1990 Industrial Relations Act

This is the state acting to break their resistance.

Next step, the heavy gang, the enforcers of the injunctions, the private balaclava security firm, backed up by the state, the Gardaí

The 1990 act is the worst dilution of workers’ rights in the history of this state it gives all the power to employers & decimates workers’ power.

The 1990 act is the state attacking workers’ rights, the citizens, in favour of business rights, the ruling class.

“Government in a capitalist Society is but a committee to order the affairs of the rich” James Connolly

What is the 1990 Industrial Relations Act?

1990 act explained Read here:👇…/what-is-the-industrial-relati…/…(1990,from%20criminal%20and%20civil%20liability.


Image may contain: text that says 'The 1990 Industrial Relations Act outlaws: Political Strikes Support Strikes Sit-ins/Occupations Secondary Pickes Walkouts/Immediate Action DISPUTE MERUTE Union Solidarity Internal Union Decisions The 1990 Industrial Relations Act: restricts picket locations imposes 7-day strike notice isolates individual workers encourages employer injunctions reduces workers' action has led to a collapse in union membership slashed workers' rights Abolish the 1990 Industrial increased inequality Relations Act strengthens employers weakens workers Lae'