Statement by the Belfast and District Trades Union Council On the sad death of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez

Hugo ChávezThe Belfast & District Trades Union Council expresses its condolences and solidarity with the family and comrades of President Hugo Chávez, and with the people of Venezuela.

A leader of great courage, Hugo Chávez defied the rich and powerful across the globe by choosing to dedicate his life and the policies of his government to the working people and the poor. Where cowards flinched, Hugo Chávez stood proudly declaring himself a socialist, a man of the people, standing for real democracy, equality and justice.

Taking this position earned President Chávez the wrath of the world’s wealthiest, their crony governments’ and their toady media who propagated lies and venom against Hugo Chávez and the revolution. He challenged their hegemony, and exposed to the world that there is an alternative to the greed and avarice of neoliberalism.

President Chávez challenged imperialism’s cruel and barbaric domination by asserting national sovereignty, while working for unity in Latin America, and providing support to and solidarity with the disadvantaged across the planet. Through this model Hugo Chávez has provided an example for others to follow.

Progressive people across the island of Ireland and the rest of the world are mourning the passing of Hugo Chávez. We hope that his legacy grows and flourishes.

Standing on the shoulders of other giants, Hugo Chávez has carried the rekindled torch for the liberation of the humanity. It is now for others to spread the flame that will finally destroy exploitation, inequality and injustice for ever.

Kevin Doherty
Paddy Mackel
Kerry Fleck
Vice President