Sign the Workers Charter

Trade Union Left Forum Friends and Supporters,

Please sign the Workers Charter A Future Worth Fighting For at

Why have we launched this?

We want to show there is widespread member support across unions for a radical programme of workers rights in Ireland. We want to put pressure on unions and political parties to adopt this programme. While each demand itself is inherently winnable with popular support, achieved together, it would result in a significant shift in the balance of power in Ireland away from big business and toward working people.

What can you do?

Sign the charter and share it. By doing this you are showing public support for the demands in the charter and for a future worth fighting for. Share it with friends and colleagues and ask them to sign and share it too. Look out for further actions and meetings and participate as we develop this campaign.

What are the next steps in the campaign?

First step is to win support for the charter from trade unionists across the country. We will then step up efforts at lobbying unions and political parties. We hope this charter can also inspire activists to put forward motions to conferences and seek democratic support within their own unions for the whole charter or elements of it.

Please sign the charter here