The Trade Union Left Forum supports the Save Moore Street campaign (#savemoorestreet) and calls on Unions, and union activists, to show support for the campaign and for those seeking to save Moore Street buildings used by the heroes of 1916 from demolition.

While the State has designated numbers 14-17 as a National Monument and plans to restore only the fronts of the buildings as a commemoration to the Rising, we support the campaigners demands to protect number 18, arguably the last HeadQuarters of the 1916 Rising, and the greater site from being rezone and developed as a Shopping centre which will destroy the heritage of the site.

The 1916 Relatives Association have also made public their believe that the Minister, Heather Humphreys, decived them when outlining her Governments plans.

History is important. It provides lessons and inspiration. It teaches and reminds new generations of passed sacrafice and struggle. To surround a historic site like this with crass consumerism is not progress. It is to bury our past and history in the consumerism of short term desire of the day.

The Trade Union Left Forum supports the occupation and encourages activists to attend the protests. Tweet your support at #savemoorestreet and write to your Union asking them to support the campaign.