Right to Access Bill for Unions

It is incredible that, in the 21st century, union officials can be physically blocked from meeting their members in the workplace, especially given the crucial role trade unions play in workers’ rights, pay and conditions. As we are seeing in the Tesco attack on long-serving staff, strengthening the legislative rights of trade unions is key to supporting workers in their defense and enhancement of decent jobs and decent work.

Sinn Fein are introducing a Bill to try change this. The Right To Access Bill will enhance the ability of workers to organise into unions and win better working conditions. 

The Industrial Relations (Right to Access Amendment) Bill will allow trade unions to work out a reasonable time with an employer for access to talk to workers about working conditions, health and safety, joining the union and much more.

We have seen in recent years some unscrupulous employers using the law to stymie trade unions in their work. The purpose of this bill is to bring some necessary balance to the situation.

More than any other legislation in the world this type of legislation has assisted unions in organising workers and winning better jobs and conditions. The TULF supports this Bill, Right-to Access-Bill , and calls on all supporters to lobby their TD’s to support this Bill. It is due up for discussions and voting between the 22-24 of February. So, please contact your TD’s now. Full list of TD’s and constituency at https://www.kildarestreet.com/tds/?o=c