John Reynolds, An Introduction to TTIP, delivered at the Trade Union School on TTIP part organised by TULF.

Union Organiser Jane McAlevey talks about how to build a fighting militant union movement.

TTIP Information Network introduction video to the TTIP negotiations between the US and EU.

Unite the Union Training and Political Officer Brendan Ogle warns workers about TTIP.

Workers in Ireland are lower paid and more productive than their European counterparts. Irish businesses are more profitable too. It’s only fair that low paid workers in Ireland receive a fair pay increase.

Joe Jamison (Trade Unionist, New York) speaks to Connolly Media Group about James Connolly’s long-term legacy in America.

At the twenty-fifth Desmond Greaves annual school 2013, Louise O’Reilly, SIPTU Sector Organiser, speaks to Connolly Media Group on Woman and the Labour Movement since 1913.