R.I.P. Thiago Cortes

Trade Union Left Forum offer our sincere condolences to the family, fiancee, friends of the deceased, the Brazilian community and workmates of Thiago Cortes a young Deliveroo worker who has died following a hit and run incident on Monday night.  Tereza Dontas, Mr Cortes’s fiancĂ©e, kept a bed-side vigil as Thiago fought for his life before he finally succumbed to fatal injuries.

The Brazilian community, Deliveroo workers and many ordinary citizens gathered at the Spire this evening to remember Thiago and express their anger at this outrage. A passing demonstration by striking Debenhams workers stopped and held a minutes silence in Thiago’s memory

28-year-old Thiago Cortes, as a Deliveroo worker, is a symptom of the exploitation of all workers in the gig economy, many of whom are subjected to bogus self-employment.

These workers have been unsuccessfully looking for a meeting with Deliveroo for months over lack of safety.

Cycling around Dublin at any hour is incredibly dangerous. Workers not only face the traffic but also the ills of a city devastated by poverty, addiction, mental health issues and inequality.  Many workers have been previously injured in traffic accidents, while others have been robbed, beaten and attacked.

The killing of Thiago is the final straw.

The gig economy and bogus self employment must be banned. Employers must recognise workers trade unions and agree contracts of employment for these workers.

Unregulated work of this kind must be outlawed, just as slavery was in the past.

Workers Rights are Human Rights.

Rest In Power, brother Cortes.