A Future Worth Fighting For

A Future Worth Fighting For...

I pledge to support, promote and encourage the following principles within my work-place, my union, the trade union movement, and society more generally.

I am a trade union activist in favour of—

(1) a Trade Union Bill, in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, to provide for union recognition, collective bargaining, representation on boards, right to access for union organisers, strong anti-victimisation penalties, electronic balloting, solidarity and secondary picketing and repeal of the 1990 ROI act and the recent UK Trade Union Act;

(2) legislation to ban zero-hour contracts and to provide for banded-hours contracts and security of hours;

(3) a reduced working week, to make 35 hours the norm, and stronger legislation imposing overtime rates for all workers;

(4) a Jobs Bill to provide for full employment and putting the right to employment in the Constitution of Ireland;

(5) stronger redundancy legislation, increasing the level of mitigation employers must go through and increased statutory redundancy payments;

(6) a reduction of the statutory pension age to 65, to bring it into line with most occupational schemes, and a mandatory minimum pension provision that employers with more than twenty employees must provide, with compulsory employers’ contribution;

(7) equal pay for equal work; no yellow-pack contracts for new entrants;

(8) legislation to make illegal unpaid out-of-hours calls and work on mobile devices, tablets and computers;

(9) the strengthening of health and safety legislation to tackle the increase in work-related stress and to identify and remove the hazards that cause work-related stress, such as staffing and unpaid overtime; and

(10) a renewed approach to the training of apprentices, with agreed rates, recognised qualifications, and union inspectors and with penalties for offences.

I pledge to support these policies regardless of the views of the EU or any other outside authorities and will work to have them implemented in both jurisdictions within Ireland.



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