Statement of Solidarity with the Greek Trade Union Movement

Statement of Solidarity with the Greek Trade Union Movement As members of the Irish Trade Union Left Forum, we would like to express our solidarity with the Greek trade union movement and to all the Greek working class people who are striking against the austerity measures being imposed upon them by the European Union and the IMF in alliance with the Greek ruling class parties.

These austerity measures are about making workers pay for the massive debt, a debt, which is not theirs; it is about the massive transfer of wealth from Greek workers to the European and global finance houses.

We admire your courage and tenacity in defending the interests of the working class. You are an example to all workers across the Europe who see their living standards, wages and working conditions being cut and undermined.

The ruling elites across the EU show greater co-operation and unity of purpose than workers have so far managed to achieve. We must begin to build greater solidarity and co-operation among all workers, across all borders, from the grass roots upwards. We need to do this to defend ourselves and to advance to a more socially just non exploitative society – towards socialism.

Trade Union Left Forum

Trade Union Left Forum