May Day: Hope Lies in struggle

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing 105 million affiliates in 133 countries of the planet, sends a warm internationalist and combative greeting to the workers around the world, on the occasion of this May Day 2021.

All over the world, the class-oriented unions, the militants, commemorate May Day as it deserves it; like workers’ day. As the day that marks the irreconcilable struggle of the workers in each country and throughout the world for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. As the day that illuminates our struggle for a society whose epicenter will be the satisfaction of the needs of the workers and the poor popular strata.

The WFTU is proud of its affiliates and friends all over the world. During the previous period, there was not a single corner of the planet that was not marked by the action of the working class, with the WFTU affiliates being at the forefront of struggle, be it in the pandemic fronts or in the social and class struggles.

Also on this May Day, the WFTU calls upon its affiliates to mobilize, take initiatives and celebrate actions inside and outside the workplaces, with our slogan for this year:

“Hope lies in our struggles”

Satisfaction of the contemporary worker needs

Safe and free vaccines for everyone

In this sense, with a view to the actions of the next period and the preparations for the 18th World Trade Union Congress, we invite you to participate in the militant commemorative act of the WFTU for May Day under the title: “May Day 2021: Hope lies in our struggles ”, which will be held through the ZOOM platform on April 30, 2021, at 17:00 PM (Greek time).


Commemorative act for May Day “Hope lies in our struggles”

Meeting ID: 913 8049 1259

Passcode: 284000

We remind you that we are waiting for your photos of the acts and events that you will organize for this May Day with the flags and logos of the WFTU.