International News: USB fights with Alitalia workers

Alitalia 11.000 workers are fighting on these days to save their jobs and their family against the landing of the company caused by the final exploitation of the italian market wanted by UE commission and supported by actual italian government.

Alitalia,  main italian airline company with 74 years history, after the privatisation happened in 2008, has been destroyed by bad management and lack of public control. Finally, 4 years ago, the workers unite defeated the last proposal of salary and jobs cuts and Alitalia and sent away private owners (etihad company) and Alitalia went in controlled administration ruled by the state.

After 4 years, durign the worst crisi of world air transportation caused by Covid 19 pandemic, the UE commission is blocking the italian goverment effort to restore Alitalia, as all other european state has regularly done in this period, together with the announced plane for a new public air company to take off.

This situation is putting in danger thousands of jobs and confirm, if necessary, the UE attitude against public investment and his willing to protect economy  position in the continental air market at the expenses of italian workers interests.

The italian government is showing to the workes subjection to UE willing and is actually trying to negotiate a bad agreement that will drive to dismissal and the partition of the company.

Alitalia employee will keep fighting and won’t give up facing the bad UE politics and the weakness of our government.

USB once again strongly demands that the government stop the crazy negotiations with the European Union. A new path must be taken, starting from the protection of employment and a strategic asset for the whole of Italy.

In this struggle, international support will be very apprecciated.