International News: Greek National Strike

Greece National Strike on February 18

TULF offers its International Solidarity with our comrades in Greece today who demostrated in over sixty cities throughout Greece. Watch Our comrades in action today


Demonstrations In More Than 60 Cities

Hundreds of trade unions of Greece, Federations and Regional Trade Unions have responded to the call of PAME for a National Strike On 18 February against the antiworkers bill of the Greek Government on Social Security and Pensions.

In contrast the General Confederation of Greece (GSEE), member of ETUC, is acting as strikebreaker and denied participation to the strike.

The struggle of the workers of Greece has the support and solidarity from workers from all over the world, with messages, photos and videos of solidarity sent to PAME in support of the Strike of February 18.

Video from Marseilles, France, UD CGT 19:

PAME has announced demonstrations in the following cities all over Greece for the day of the strike.