Greyhound dispute: your assistance is needed!

You will be aware of the bitter, protracted and ongoing lockout of 78 trade union members by Greyhound Recycling and Recovery. This dispute, which was provoked by the west Dublin based employer locking out workers who refused to accept a pay cut of up to 35%, will shortly enter its third month.

From the beginning of this lockout strikebreakers have been employed by Greyhound to continue waste collections. The use of these strikebreakers has provoked outrage in many working class communities throughout Dublin.

This has resulted in community actions being taken where local activists and elected representatives have halted Greyhound trucks or walked in front of them in order to delay their progress. No person involved in these community actions has been arrested. These actions are being conducted in a peaceful manner and amount to communities exercising their right to protest.

The Greyhound owners, Michael and Brian Buckley, have now begun legal proceedings against activists taking part in these community protests. They have applied to the High Court seeking an injunction not only against named individuals but to prevent any future effective protests against the strikebreakers by local communities.

The Trade Union Left Forum believes that this issue is one that should concern all trade unionists as it amounts to a serious attack on the right to engage in peaceful protest. In light of this the TULF is issuing a call to concerned trade unionists to organise effective support for community activists and elected representatives who wish to mount a legal defence against the Buckley Brothers.

Initially you are being asked to assist by:

  1. Informing the TULF of any solicitors or other legal professionals who may be willing to assist defendants for no charge or a reduced fee. This is an urgent matter as the judge has requested that sworn affidavits are presented to the court by Tuesday with the case going ahead on Thursday.
  2. Considering what financial support you may be willing to provide to a Community Actions Defence Fund that the TULF is considering establishing to support trade union activists threatened by these legal actions.

In solidarity,

The TULF Steering Committee