Congress Backs Feb 1 Protest by Bord na Móna Workers


30 Jan 2020

Just Transition

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has backed a protest march to be held by Bord na Móna workers in Shannonbridge, County Offaly on SaturdayFebruary 1.

The rally and march have been organised by Bord na Móna workers and pensioners in protest at the failure to deliver a Just Transition for the affected workers and communities, across the Midlands.

The initiative enjoys widespread support among local communities and energy sector workers in the region.

Speaking ahead of the February 1 demonstration in Shannonbridge, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said the failure to implement a fair and Just Transition had created fear and anxiety across the Midlands.

“To date, government has borrowed the language of Just Transition but failed utterly to deliver on the substance. The workers and communities had already signed up to the transition to a low carbon economy but made it clear it had to happen in a fair manner and that workers and communities would not be left behind.

“That means creating good quality replacement jobs and opportunities to make up for those being lost in peat production. That means investing in areas like retrofitting and renewable energy production in order to address that jobs shortfall and to assist with the country’s overall shift to a low carbon economy.

“To date that has not happened and workers in the Midlands rightly fear their region being abandoned in the years to come. Their campaign has the full support of Congress and affiliated unions and we would urge voters on February 8 to exercise their vote accordingly,” Ms King said.


Contact : Conor Kavanagh, Congress Communications Office