Campaign to Stop CETA.

A chara,

I am writing to you, to urge you to vote against the upcoming Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada. CETA is much more than a trade deal and has huge ramifications for Ireland.

CETA will damage Ireland’s ability to legislate for stronger Workers’ Rights & climate actions such as, compulsory company sick pay/ pension schemes or a ban on plastic bottles.

CETA enables Private corporations to sue government’s for potential loss of profits as a result of governments changing policy, in private dispute settlement courts ISDS.

There is no end to the possibilities, billions of euros have already been paid out by governments in fines and costs to corporations who have successfully sued governments in ISDS in other trade agreements such as North American free trade agreement Nafta.

I am urging you to vote no and reject CETA.

ISDS has been used by corporations to sue national governments, undermine politicians and the democratic process across the world – everything from tobacco companies suing against the introduction of plain packaging to companies seeking massive compensation when governments tried to limit fracking in Canada or the introduction of a minimum wage in Egypt.

Canadian owned company IRES is the largest private landlord in Ireland. The signing of CETA could have huge implications for tenants and exacerbate the housing crisis.

We need strong leaders to guide this country not transfer power to Multinational Coporations, Vulture funds and private courts.

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