Unions to mark 35th anniversary of the Dunnes Stores Anti-Apartheid Strike

From the Trade Unon Mandate website   Unions to mark 35th anniversary of the Dunnes Stores Anti-Apartheid Strike Friday 25 October 2019 CELEBRATION TO TAKE PLACE IN LIBERTY HALL ON FRIDAY, 1ST NOVEMBER AND SATURDAY, 2ND NOVEMBER Mandate Trade Union is to co-host a celebration of the 35th anniversary of Dunnes Stores Anti-Apartheid Strike in Liberty Hall on Friday, 1st and Saturday, 2nd November 2019. The event “The most dangerous shop workers in the world” is sponsored by the Communications Workers’ Union, the Financial Services Union, SIPTU and Unite the Union, and will involve a weekend of theatre, music, spoken word and panel discussions. All proceeds from ticket […]

SIPTU members in GoSafe to begin 72-hour work stoppage on Saturday

As reported on the SIPTU website   A 72-hour work stoppage by SIPTU members working for the national speed camera van operator GoSafe will begin at 9.00 a.m. on 26th October, in a dispute related to working conditions and union recognition at the company. SIPTU Organiser, Brendan Carr, said: “The company has today (Thursday, 24th October) announced its intention to attempt to impose new rosters without negotiation or input from the workers or their union representatives. A claim by the company that workers will be balloted on its proposals does not involve SIPTU in any manner and our members will […]

Disgusting Mental and Physical Abuse of Workers in the Hospitality Sector

A public meeting was held in Wynn’s Hotel Wed 16th Oct under the banner of Unite in the Community against Low Pay in the Hospitality Sector. Speakers include Joan Collins TD, Senator Paul Gavan, Martin Mahony (Mandate), Cieran Perry (CALP) and Julia Marciniak (Unite).  There was a packed attendance. Julia outlined her treatment while working in the Ivy Restaurant and express some disappointment about the lack of hospitality workers at the meeting. Unfortunately as was pointed out, workers in this sector are under huge pressure from their bosses and taking the time or even been seen at meetings like this are very disadvantage to their employment […]

Public Meeting: Feminist Economics & the Politics of Social Reproduction.

A public meeting was held in Dublin on Saturday 19th in the Connect Union offices. There was a surprisingly good turn out considering the day that it was, ie Rugby match and the rotten weather.  The talk given by Dr. Conor McCabe on Feminist Economics & the Politics of Social Reproduction.  Conor give a very informative talk and the way he opened the meeting at certain intervals was a good idea, which brought the meeting to a more human level. The meeting was chaired by Jimmy Doran a well known Trade Union activist  who kept the focus tight and ensured that the meeting  was conducted […]

The intersection of industrial and political struggles in the Russian Revolution

The preamble or prehistory to the Russian Revolution can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, when the vast empire began to undergo radical changes that outstripped Tsarism’s capacity or inclination to adapt accordingly. The three decades prior to the war saw Russia experience significant economic growth as a result of breakneck industrialisation, increased foreign investment, the emergence of a modern banking system and the promotion of a small indigenous enterprise sector. National income grew rapidly in these years, yet this growth was distributed unequally between the economic core and periphery as well as along class lines. At the […]

SIPTU’s Big Start Campaign is Winning

SIPTU’s Big Start campaign is winning big for the early years education sector, workers and union. Below is a brief overview of the situation faced by the workers and the aims of this campaign. Also check out http://www.bigstart.ie/  The struggle of childcare workers for recognition and decent pay will one of the key battle grounds in the fight for trade union rights in Ireland in the 21st century. Capitalist economies have always depended on low-paid and under-valued work which is often done by women. Early Years Educators are a perfect example of this; thousands of qualified, dedicated professions who care for […]

Sign the Workers Charter

Trade Union Left Forum Friends and Supporters, Please sign the Workers Charter A Future Worth Fighting For at http://www.tuleftforum.com/workers-charter/ Why have we launched this? We want to show there is widespread member support across unions for a radical programme of workers rights in Ireland. We want to put pressure on unions and political parties to adopt this programme. While each demand itself is inherently winnable with popular support, achieved together, it would result in a significant shift in the balance of power in Ireland away from big business and toward working people. What can you do? Sign the charter and […]

A future worth fighting for – Workers Charter

  Dear friends and comrades, The Trade Union Left Forum is releasing a workers charter, an initiative to organise left trade unionists around a progressive workers rights programme. The charter, A future worth fighting for, emerged from a consultation with activists, supporters and friends throughout 2015 and 2016. Draft TULF Workers Charter And so on Thursday, October 5th at 6pm, we are hosting a discussion on the draft workers charter in Mandate Trade Union offices. You can check out our FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/1438700992914745 to register.  Workers deserve a society where our needs come first, before the interests of big business, exploitative employers […]

Why trade unionists should oppose CETA

The main goal of CETA is to remove regulatory ‘barriers’ which restrict the potential profits to be made by transnational corporations on both sides of the Atlantic. These ‘barriers’ are in reality some of our most prized social standards CETA also seeks to create new markets by opening up public services and government procurement contracts to competition from transnational corporations, threatening to introduce a further wave of privatisations in key sectors, such as health and education. Only the rights of corporations are clarified; those of workers are ignored or couched in vague provisions. Not only does CETA not contain a […]

Making sense of a world that impacts us all

Below is a short piece by experienced trade union educator and activist Mel Corry on Trademarks political education for trade union activists and staff. For more info on Trademark check out http://www.trademarkbelfast.com/featured-news/trade-union-education-news  “The popular element “feels” but does not always know or understand; the intellectual element “knows” but does not always understand and in particular does not always feel.” Antonio Gramsci  This quote from Gramsci encapsulates why we at Trademark have been developing more political content for Trade Union education over the last number of years. As long ago as 2012 we looked at the various education products that were available […]