About Us

Who are the Trade Union Left Forum?

The Trade Union Left Forum was formed in 2012 on an all Ireland basis, by a number of union activists from both public-sector and private-sector unions. They believed that trade unionists needed a space, both physical and on line, in which to debate the burning issues of the day.

The Trade Union Left Forum aims to stimulate class-based critical debate within the trade union movement and to foster trade union and community organising for a meaningful transformation of Ireland towards socialism.

The TULF uses its web site and social media to encourage critical thinking on trade union, community and workers’ issues as well as hosting meetings where activists can come together for honest and comradely discussion.
So far a number of successful forums and events have been held, and discussion documents have also been produced and distributed.

We oppose anti Union legislation, social partnership & EU membership.

Our demands
Universal Public Housing
All Ireland universal public health
End Precarious work
Abolish the 1990 Industrial Relations act
Right to Union recognition
Right to Union Access
Full Collective Bargaining Rights.
Immunity from prosecution during a dispute so long as the action is not in itself illegal.

We encourage all workers to join a trade union and to campaign to have the 1990 industrial relations act abolished in the South & the equivalent anti worker legislation in the North. Workers should lobby within your union to adopt this as policy. Abolishing anti-union legislation will tip the balance of power away from employers in favour of workers. It will empower workers and give them the ability to fight for much more than a pay rise.

We call on people to vote for left wing candidates in elections North & south. We are separate to political groupings, our role is to simulate the trade union movement and build it back into the force that it once was was. Trade unions must become radical or they will become redundant

To get involved, email tuleft@gmail.com and you will then receive e-mail notifications of events. We also encourage activists from the community and trade union movements to submit articles to us for publication on our web site: https://www.tuleftforum.com/